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Kettlebowl Recreation Area

The Kettlebowl Recreation Area is conveniently located off Highway 52 about 15 miles northeast of Antigo, WI. The complex includes Kettlebowl Winter Park and the Track 52 Trailhead. This area is surrounded by county-owned forestlands comprised of northern hardwood and aspen forest types. This area also includes high ridges and rolling hills, perfect for the winter recreation enthusiasts!

1. Kettlebowl Winter Park

Kettlebowl is a very popular place to spend your winter weekends in Langlade County! Amenities and recreation opportunities include:
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Ski Chalet with food and rental services
  • Ice Age Trail access
The Kettlebowl Ski Hill has five tow ropes and 8 runs; runs are designed for beginner to intermediate levels with terrain park features in place on the hill. There is also a bunny hill for beginners; fun for the whole family! There are also ski and snowboard rentals available when open.

Kettlebowl Ski Hill Hours:

Saturday-Sunday: 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The Kettlebowl Ski Hill and Ski Chalet are ran solely by volunteers, please check their Facebook page for additional hours of operation or opening/closing dates.    

Kettlebowl Ski Hill Prices:

Kids under 18: $5.00/person
Adults 18 and over: $10.00/person
Season Passes:
Kids: $40.00
Adults: $80.00
Cash only!

The Kettlebowl Cross Country Ski Trails offer two loops of classical and skate style skiing for a total of 2.79 miles. The trailhead is located in the northeast corner of the ski hill parking lot when open on the weekends. This trailhead is also used for snowmobile use; please be aware that certain sections are multi-use trails. When the gate is closed, please park by the entrance gate but not blocking the gate; the ski trail is about 100 feet from the entrance gate. The ski trails are available for hiking and biking during the off-season. This trail is free of charge as a service to the public and solely funded by your donations. Please consider donating to keep this trail system up and running; a donation box is available at the trailhead.

The maintenance and grooming efforts for both the ski trails and ski hill are done completely by volunteers.

Click here to get an updated trail report!

Click here for a map of the Cross Country Ski Trails!

2. Track 52 Trailhead

The Track 52 Trailhead is located on Langlade-Price Road 3/4 mile north of Highway 52 and approx. 2.5 miles west from the Kettlebowl Winter Park area. Recreation opportunities include:
  • Sled Dog Trails
  • Skijoring 
  • Snowshoeing
The Track 52 Sled Dog Trails weave you through clearly marked trails consisting of rolling hills, straightaways and curves for an exciting ride for you and your team!

This trail is free of charge as a service to the public. The maintenance and grooming efforts are done completely by dedicated volunteers please follow their Facebook page for more information and trail condition updates!

Trail-Use Reminders:
  • All Mushers are welcome, please use the designated sled dog trails, not the snowmobile/ATV/UTV trails.
  • Snowshoer's welcome, if Musher calls out "Trail", please move to one side of the trail as a sled dog team is approaching. 
  • No unauthorized motor vehicles on the sled dog trails.
  • Trail has directional flow for dog teams. Note: If user prefers to avoid any possible head on passing, use only LP or Main Loop.
  • Track 52 Trail markings are consistent with ISDRA regulations. Caution areas are marked with YELLOW saucers. RED saucers indicate turns; saucer on left side means a left turn, saucer on right side means right turn. BLUE diamonds are confidence markers and display loop names.
  • Respect the land; please pick up after yourself and your team!
Click here to download a Track 52 brochure!

Click here to get an updated trail report!


Enjoy the Langlade County Forest and please always respect the land; no littering or harassing wildlife!