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ATV/UTV Trails

Langlade County offers over 106 miles of scenic trails that take you
through the diverse landscapes of Langlade County! The trail system has four main corridors that connect through various road routes. While on the trails you’ll encounter rolling hills, glacial moraines, northern hardwood forests, swamps and picturesque views of lakes and rivers.


Trail Information

Starting Monday July 24, at 12pm the ATV trail from Fraley Road (Intersection 43) east to Highway 64, and the ATV trail from Badger Ranch Road to intersection 44 will be closed for a major trail rehabilitation project.  These trails will remain closed until further notice. 

The White Lake area can be accessed using existing road routes by following Fraley Road south to County Highway P then remain on County Highway P approximately 6 miles to the Wolf River State Trail.

The ATV/UTV trails in Langlade County may open as early May 1st if conditions allow and must close no later than December 1st of each year.  Many road routes on Town Roads and County Highways are open for ATV/UTV travel year round.  Portions of snowmobile trails are open to ATV/UTV traffic when 2 weeks after opening of Snowmobile trails and when weather conditions allow.

Official opening and closing of ATV/UTV trails are completed by a public service announcement by the Langlade County Forestry, Parks and Recreation Department. Opening and closing is organized following inspections of the trail system by the Department and cooperating ATV/UTV trails clubs. Trail opening and closures are dependent upon trail conditions which provide for safety of the riders, protection of trail surfaces and protection of the forest and lands. Trail opening and closing announcements may be found within this website or at langladecounty.org.

The four main trails are Augustyn Springs Trail, Parrish Highlands Trail, Pickerel/Pearson ATV Trail, and White Lake ATV Trail. There are six main access points along the trail system:

1. Parrish Highland Trail

Three access points:
  • Hwy Q, near the Oneida/Langlade County line
  • Hwy H, 2 miles south of Hwy 17 and Q
  • Hwy T, 3 miles west of Hwy 45 near Summit Lake, WI
  • 50 miles long, hooks up with Oneida and Lincoln County trails.
  • ATV ramp, wash station and vaulted restrooms available.
2. Augustyn Springs Trail
  • Hwy A, 8 miles northeast of Neva, WI from Hwy 45
  • 21 miles long, entirely on County-owned lands
  • Other recreationists may be present!
  • ATV ramp, wash station and vaulted restrooms available.
3. White Lake Trail

Two access points:
  • Sherry Rd., 1.25 miles north of Hwy 64 near Polar
  • Hwy M/Maple St. near downtown White Lake
  • 20 miles long, hooks up with Oconto County trails.
4. Pickerel/Pearson Trail
  • Located between Post Lake and Pickerel, WI
  • 5 miles long
  • Connects Parrish Highland Trail, Augustyn Springs Trail and Forest County trails.
For more information on all the access points and directions to each please click here.

Click here for a trail condition report!

Click here to download the current ATV/UTV trail brochure.

For more information on ATV/UTV Registration and Trail Passes please visit the WiDNR website by clicking here.

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Langlade County ATV/UTV Ordinances and Policies

All Langlade County highways are open as ATV/UTV routes year-round except for the following:
  • State Highway 45, 47, 52, 55, and 64
  • County Highway A from US Highway 45 to County Highway TT by Norm’s Hollow Campground, Bar & Grill
  • County Highway S from State Highway 47 to County Highway O
  • County Highway S from Augustine Springs trailhead to County Highway A
  • County Highway TT from County Highway A to County Highway T
  • County Highway H from Five Cent Fire Lane to River Road
ATV/UTVs operating on approved county highway routes are to be on the paved portion of the road in the direction of traffic.

ATV/UTVs are allowed on any forest road or trail that is normally open to other vehicles, except on roads or trails that are gated, bunkered or posted as closed. Normally these areas have signs stating "No Motorized Vehicles" posted at all primary entry points. These gated areas prohibit any motorized vehicle. The ATV trails will be marked with orange trail blazers and brown signs.

The minimum forfeiture for ATV travel in our gated areas is $131.50

ATVs are not allowed on town roads that go through the county forest unless opened by the town.

The ATV/UTV trail system is a two-way trail. Other recreationists may be present; please use caution and appropriate speeds. The use of studded tires, chains or tracks are prohibited.

ATVs are not allowed on the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. The trail can be recognized by the yellow paint on the trees adjacent to the trail. 

ATVs are allowed on 500 + miles of state-funded snowmobile trails, but only after 10 days from when the trails are officially opened for snowmobiling by public notice. Once trails are officially closed for snowmobiling, ATV's must keep off the snowmobile trails. UTVs are not allowed on Langlade County snowmobile trails. ATV’s are not permitted when temperatures reach 28 degrees F or higher. ATVs are not authorized on snowmobile trails that cross the Wolf River Conservation Easement, in the Crocker Hills, regardless of temperature.

Timber harvesting is very prevalent on the Langlade County forest; you may encounter logging activity while on the trail. Please use caution in these areas and respect the logging equipment.

For a full list of ordinances and policies please click here.

The ATV/UTV Trail system is maintained by volunteers from various Langlade County ATV clubs. Please follow their Facebook pages for more information and how to get involved!

Antigo Area ATV/UTV Club
Parrish Highlanders ATV Club
Pelcho Mudd Nutz
White Lake ATV Club
Wolf River Riders ATV Club

Enjoy the Langlade County Forest and please always respect the land; no littering or harassing wildlife! Please help slow the spread of invasive species by washing your machines before and after use.